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Trumpet Case & Gig Bag

Protec Gig Bag


When someone is playing an instrument such as the trumpet, they have to decide if they want to buy a hard trumpet case, soft trumpet case, double or triple. A brand new trumpet case for sale isn’t too bad money wise now and do a good job with protection.  Used ones are also an option but you might be paying close to what you would for a new one.

In many cases, the horns are abused the most since they are easily prone to dings and dents, requiring special attention. Trumpets, however, safely tucked away in their case, are not quite as fragile as woodwinds are, like flutes, clarinets, and saxophones. If the instrument undergoes too many dings, dents, and wear, then the horns will lose value and reselling it is going to be a problem, as the owner will most likely not get full price back and who wants to look at a dented instrument. So no matter what, keep your trumpets in sturdy protective case to cause the least amount of damage. Good protection is almost as essential as a good trumpet.



On this page we wanted to list solid brands that have been selling these and know what they’re doing.  Here are some of the brands listed on the page.

  • Protec
  • Yamaha
  • Guardian
  • MTS
  • Andoer
  • Glarry Senior
  • WolfPak
  • Gator
  • Sky
  • Flexzion
  • Paititi
  • SKB
  • Bach


Have a look below and you can find all different types of trumpet cases for your needs.  If you already know what you want we can help you narrow down your search.  We show you how much they weight, the size, hard or soft, large or small, backpacks, gig bags and more.

Trumpet Case


Different Types of Cases and Reviews



Soft cases are great for those that are careful with their bags and they’re generally lighter, they can also carry more stuff sometimes, it all depends on the bag.  I myself am clumsy, so I opt for the hard cases.  But I know a lot of people that love the soft cases better, so it’s mostly up to personal taste.  If you’re good with your bag, need more room and don’t throw it around a lot, these are a great option for you.



Hard cases are great for people like me that drop things a lot.   They are also heavier so keep that in mind, but not too heavy, usually 3 or 4 pounds.   They’re usually made of wood or a hard plastic and don’t usually have a leather or upholstery lining like soft bags.   Most of these have room for cleaning supplies and maybe a book on top if you’re lucky.  So you can opt for a side bag for mutes or books or go with a larger soft or double bag.


They obviously have room for another horn and if that’s what you need these are great.  They also have a lot of room for accessories.

Triple – Coming Soon

Triple is the big daddy of them all and holds room for three.  Usually used for touring musicians but a lot of amateurs also use them.

Gig Bags

Gig bags are usually light and easier to carry.


Used Cases are harder to find because most places sell them with the Trumpet which makes it more expensive, but there are some options.



If you have a specific brand that you like, you can also search by them.   Some of the most popular brands for cases and bags are Protec, Torpedo, Guardian, Gator, Legacy, Andoer, Bach, SKB, Ace, E-MART and more.

What Matters to You

There are some great options for sale but think about what’s best for you.  Can you carry a heavy bag around for awhile? Would like a lighter but less protective case? Are you going to travel a lot? Is there enough space for all your accessories?

Those are some good questions to start with, if you have any questions or suggestions please let us know.

Thank You!