Used Trumpet Case – Best Places and Options to Buy.

Buying a Used Trumpet

Used Trumpet Case

There are different options when you’re looking to buy a used Trumpet Case, you can go for expensive or cheap, slightly worn, really old or barley used. Here is a buying guide that will helpfully help you come up with the best fit.

There is usually an option for every brand:

Yamaha, Bach, Pro Tec, Guardian, Torpedo, Wolf Pak, Fushion, King Cleveland, Jupiter, Getzen and more.

Consider a new one:

Let me explain why we think a new one is better and you can make the best informed decision for you.  New ones now are pretty cheap and there are plenty of options for every type of Trumpet.  If you’re looking to save money, you might actually save money with a newer one.  Usually when looking for a used case, it’s a lot harder to find, because people are usually selling them with the Trumpet.  New ones a built pretty sturdy today and there are many options whether it’s soft, hard, double or triple. Our homepage has a bigger list of options if you want them.

Used Options:


Not really the best option because like I said above, they’re usually sold with the Trumpet, it’s hard to find a good case that’s by itself and when you do they’re in pretty bad shape a lot of times.

Garage Sales:

Garage Sale






You can find some gems at Garage Sales with some luck.  I have found some good records and instruments pretty cheap.  If you have time to scour Garage Sales they you might have some luck finding a good fit.

Online: The two best options.


Is a good spot for new cases but they also have some used cases you just need to look for the little used symbol.


eBay is another good online spot if you want it quick and easy.  Like pretty much all the other options you will have to sift through a lot packages with the Trumpet included to find a case by itself, but they’re usually in pretty good shape and they have pictures which is good.

Hopefully that helped give you some ideas on what you want, if you have any tips or suggestions please send them over.